Stuck on Bigfoot

My story “Devotion” in Frida Sex Dreams tells the story of two bigfoot hunters, one a true believer and the other a skeptic secretly in love with his hunting companion.

“Bigfoot” linocut by Theodore Carter

I love bigfoot stories, from the fictional, historical accounts, to modern day T.V. shows and documentaries. 

The pervasiveness of the myth interests me most.  Whether or not the creature exists hardly matters anymore. Bigfoot is a part of our shared history. This idea is explained best by the book Bigfoot: The Life and Times of a Legend.

Did you know Sir Edmund Hillary once claimed to have seen yeti tracks? Later, he went on a yeti-hunting expedition and became convinced the creature did not exist. Nevertheless, we have this great photo of him holding a bigfoot drawing.

Sir Edmund Hillary holding an artist’s rendition of a yeti. (Teara: The Encyclopedia of New Zealand)

The United States Department of State issued yeti hunting guidelines in 1959. I’m not sure whether or not they’ve been updated in the past several decades, but if you do see a yeti, these guidelines might still be helpful.

U.S. Department of State Yeti Guidelines (

In a 2002 interview, Jane Goodall also stated that she believes in Bigfoot. Scoot ahead to the 45 second mark.

Another favorite reference point for me is the bigfoot grammatical style guide which has helped me out several times. The plural is “bigfoots”.

Yes, the myth of the wild man persists and periodically pulls me down Google-guided rabbit holes.

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