Wire Sculptures from Street Artist Reed Bmore

Stunning wire sculptures are popping up in unexpected places on and over the streets of Baltimore. They are the work of an artist who goes by Reed Bmore, and he recently took the time to answer questions about his work.JustMarried

What made you decide to put up wire sculptures around Baltimore?

The thrill of street art probably? It’s a mixture of friends pushing me, my love of Baltimore, my love producing and performing, and a certain danger factor I find addicting.

How do you install your sculptures?

I used to have rope and climbing equipment. I’d shimmy up the traffic pole, hang my piece, then slide it over. I like this method because I avoid traffic. But now, I use a pole to hang things. A lot less intensive. I have to deal with traffic now all the time, but it’s a quicker way to throw a piece up.sloth

What kind of reaction have you gotten directly or observed?

Positive so far, no one has bothered me.

Are any of your sculptures currently up around the city? If so, where? 

Most of them are clustered in the Station North district along North Ave on Maryland, North Charles, and St Paul. I have a few others scattered around the city.

Do you plan to put up more work out in public?

I don’t plan on stopping.


Do you have other projects you’re working on?

I’m also a creative and a designer by trade specializing in spatial and product design. I’m hoping to start a sustainable design practice but until then, I’m helping out with the Section 1 project as a side gig along with smaller commissions. The Section 1 project is about transforming 3 acres of land in the center of the Baltimore into the largest urban art park in the U.S.

What artists have influenced you?

My friends in Station North, but more so, my friends Nether and Ways pushed me to get my art on the street. In terms of medium, Arthur Ganson and Calder, the OG of wire art.

For people who like your wire sculptures, how can they best support your work? 

They can visit my Facebook page to catch updates, Imgur page, or Behance, all under ReedBmore. Other than that, I would ask people to try and not drive over me next time I install :]

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  1. I live in Albuquerque, New Mexico and my niece who lives in Baltimore just gave me one of your great sculptures of an owl since I live near the river in the Bosque. We have lots of real owls here! I so love your work! Thanks from a fellow artist!!!

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