Eerie Art Cars

From a hearse converted into a gothic cathedral to a steampunk-inspired Ford van, these eerie art cars turn heads…sometimes all the way around twice. Art car shows across the country showcase some of the most outlandish vehicles on the roadways, but only the creepiest cars make this list. Read the complete piece at Dirge Magazine.

Civil War Ghosthunters

In 2005, I accompanied a team of paranormal investigators as they looked for ghosts at The Antietam National Battlefield. The resulting article appeared in The Frederick News-Post. Seeing as it’s the week of Halloween, I’m bringing the story back from the dead and posting it here: Civil War Ghosthunters: Seeking Antietam’s Supernatural  

Why Visual Art Keeps Invading My Fiction

I rebelled by being conventional, by NOT going to art school. The product of three generations of visual artists, I studied Political Science, then moved from California to Washington, D.C. for internships. I wore ties. I went to press briefings. Of course, this lead to a quarter-life crisis to which my mom said, “The problem is you’re…