Mayor Kate Stewart Joins Night of 1K Fridas

Kate Stewart, mayor of my city Takoma Park, MD, has joined the large-scale street art project Night of 1,000 Fridas!

Takoma Park is a famously liberal region in the already left-leaning Washington, D.C. area. The city became a nuclear free zone in 1983, the same year the year-round farmers market began. We have a great recycling program and issue-oriented yard signs stay up regardless of the election cycle.

Now, Takoma Park’s mayor is a committed street artist.

“Art is such an important part of our lives but we all get so busy with day to day responsibilities. I love projects that disrupt the norm and take us out of our usual routines. I can’t think of a better way to remind us to stop, think, question, and appreciate the beauty in our world,” says Stewart.  

Takoma Park mayor Kate Stewart

Aside from being mayor of Takoma Park, Kate is a principal at Conway Strategic, a progressive lobbying group with clients like ACLU, The Sierra Club, and Ms. Foundation for Women. Previously, Stewart was the executive vice president for Advocates for Youth, an organization dedicated to providing young people with access to sexual health information and services.  

Stewart is also a Frida fan. “Frida means so much to me — strength and vulnerability, perseverance, and beauty. I love losing myself in her artwork.”  

Yes, my mayor is cooler than yours. You can be part of this amazing project too! Click here