Emily Lubitz of Tinpan Orange Joins Night of 1K Fridas

Emily Lubitz of the award-winning Australian Indie folk band Tinpan Orange has joined Night of 1,000 Fridas, a large-scale street art project with the goal of getting 1,000 depictions of Frida Kahlo out in public on January 25, 2019.

Lubitz and Tinpan Orange tackle the elegance and sadness of Frida Kahlo’s life expertly in “Song for Frida Kahlo”. Lubitz will perform the song as part of the project. I’m thrilled to have her aboard.

In a four-star review of their most recent album “Love is a Dog” in the Australian Newspaper The Age, Michael Dwyer said Lubitz’s “exquisite, brushed-velvet voice conjures a steady neck-hair waltz as her guitarist brother Jesse twangs in echoes and Alex Burkoy’s violin makes like swirling leaves and memories.”

Many know Lubitz’s voice from the viral smash “Dumb Ways to Die,” a song created for a Metro Trains Melbourne ad campaign that turned into a viral smash with over 170 million YouTube plays. Lubitz kept her name away from the ad campaign at first, “But when the clip went viral we decided to reveal that it was me singing. We figure, if it can lead some folks to my other work,” Lubitz told Billboard Magazine.

Hopefully, it did. Tinpan Orange’s latest album “Love is a Dog” is beautiful and haunting.

Night of 1,000 Fridas may not capture the attention of 170 million, but maybe there are some Frida fans reading this who will be won over by Tinpan Orange.

You should be part of an art project that includes talented people like Emily Lubitz! Sign up here and participate in something amazing. No experience required.

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