Draw Something Beautiful: Neighborhood Street Art

My kids and I took some old cardboard, plywood, glue, and paint and constructed a blank canvas with a sign reading “Draw Something Beautiful.” We put it out on the curb in Takoma Park, MD, just outside Washington, DC.

Photo Aug 01, 10 11 29 AM

Take a minute to notice and appreciate the symmetrical pasta-based design my son created for the gold frame.

I’ve noticed that while kids are encouraged to draw frequently, adults are not. Adults often say things like “I can’t draw,” or “I’m not much good.”  So, I figure why not provide some encouragement and open-ended directions, a pen, and a blank canvas.

My kids got things started
My kids got things started

We put the frame out last August and again this spring. The kids in the neighborhood were the first, most willing participants. The blank canvas and the invitation was unnerving for many adults, but many took the kids’ lead and got into the act.

Both times we put the canvas out, it filled up over a couple days. I loved seeing many passersby whom I did not know stop to admire the work of their neighbors or add their own drawings.

Screen Shot 2016-04-10 at 7.45.52 AM
Finished canvases.

This project says something about risk taking, community, creativity, and art. I just haven’t figured out exactly what yet. I may need to put the canvas out a few more times.



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