Crochetverse Joins Night of 1,000 Fridas

Stephanie Pokorny, the designer behind Crochetverse, has joined the Night of 1,000 Fridas.

Pokorny, a self-proclaimed crochet addict, is an amazing artist with a predilection for the  strange. In my mind, this makes her a perfect art partner.

Some of her wearable work, like kids costumes for Predator, Slimer, and E.T., gained viral attention, and it’s not hard to see why!

Stephanie Pokorny, designer behind Crochetverse


Stephanie feels a special kinship with Frida Kahlo, in part because in 2018, Pokorny suffered a brain aneurysm and learned to create art through pain.

“Frida was a warrior for art, individualism, and creativity. Despite her physical challenges throughout her life, Frida’s art and creation prevailed, and continue to inspire to this day,” says Pokorny.

I can’t wait to see what crocheted creations Pokorny creates for Night of 1,000 Fridas!

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