#100DucksDC German-Berman Guest Ducks (37-39)

I’m going to put one hundred luminescent duck sculptures in a visible location somewhere in Washington, D.C. This post documents the creation of ducks 37 through 39. You can see all the ducks I’ve created so far by going here.

Andrew Berman, I see you working hard on that duck.
Andrew Berman, I see you working hard on that duck.

Andrew Berman and his husband David German have consistently supported my writing and other cockamamy schemes.

Since the inception of #100DucksDC, Andrew in particular has been eager to contribute ducks.

Andrew’s contributions are duck #37, “Seeing Eye Duck,” and duck #38 “Birds and Blooms.”

David German’s duck, #39, is titled “Petals Softly.”

Andrew is a former graphic designer and current first grade teacher. This combination makes him prone to wild bouts of creativity. His pent up artistry occasionally overflows in the form of elaborate thematic birthday cakes, great social studies lessons, or slap-stick stage performances.

David is a perfectly respectable psychiatrist with an unexpected propensity for poetry. He also plays clarinet with DC’s Different Drummers.

I appreciate David and Andrew’s contribution to this project and their general enthusiasm for all things creative. I love anyone who puts more art into our city in whatever form.