#100DucksDC Featuring Sea Monsters, Hot Wax, and Hanukkah Gelt (20-25)

Photo Dec 19, 9 54 26 AM

I’m going to put one hundred luminescent duck sculptures in a visible location somewhere in Washington, D.C. This post documents the creation of ducks 20 through 25. You can see all the ducks I’ve created so far by going here.

I’m officially one quarter of the way to one hundred ducks, and because the internet loves cats more than ducks, here’s one of my cats next to duck number 20 which I made using Hanukkah gelt wrappers.

The holidays provided lots of duck-making supplies. I made duck 21 out of tissue paper that was once gift wrapping. The pattern on the paper reminded me of waves, so I added a tentacled creature to it. On the other side is a shark and a sting ray.

I made duck 22 out of the bottoms of used up tea candles. I think they look like wagon wheels.

I painted duck 23 with yellow acrylic paint and outlined the dots with a sharpie to make them pop. This one reminds me of a series of paintings my grandfather created in the 1960’s. While traveling through Europe and producing freelance articles and paintings, someone stole his supplies from his car. With deadlines looming, little money for new supplies, and only tubes of ochre and black paint left, he kept right on producing work, finding innovation in the restrictions.

I dripped hot wax on duck 24. I had to put it into the freezer so as not to melt the tape when pouring on the wax. This is the kinkiest duck since duck number 10 who looks like he’s in some kind of leather harness.

Duck 25 makes use of the explosion of merriment and refuse that is the Christmas season.

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