#100DucksDC Featuring a Hot Tamale (26-30)

I’m going to put one hundred luminescent duck sculptures in a visible location somewhere in Washington, D.C. This post documents the creation of ducks 26 through 30. You can see all the ducks I’ve created so far by going here.

There is no wrong time of year to celebrate the splendor of Halloween. I made duck 26 out of leftover Halloween napkins.

Ever notice how the mesh apple bags at the grocery store resemble fishnet stockings? I didn’t either until I used one of these bags to make sexy duck number 27.

I made spirals with a permanent marker over the outside of duck number 28 borrowing a technique from Sommer Roman’s “Doodle Duck“.

In my neighborhood, the grocery store sells corn husks for tamales…or in my case, making duck number 29.

For Duck 30, I used materials left over from making a cat disco ball with my daughter. I went into further detail about the cat disco ball here.