#100DucksDC Featuring Cat Disco Ball YOLO Safety Duck (3-6)


Nefarious street artist at work.

I’m going to put one hundred luminescent duck sculptures in a visible location somewhere in Washington, D.C. This post documents the creation of ducks 3-6. You can follow my progress¬†here.

My street art is always more adorable when I involve my children. Here is a picture of my daughter applying purple tissue paper to duck #3. Yes, she needed a little help, but we got to the glorious finished purple product pictured below.

My daughter is no stranger to street art. She helped turn a DC traffic box into The Empire State Building appearing on camera with Fox5DC. She also helped me put out sea blobs around the city.

I made a duck out of skull tissue paper on the heels of Halloween.

Raking the brightly colored fall leaves inspired me to create Duck number 5. I’m really fond of this one, but it was not easy to make. Those leaves were pesky and I needed a lot of tape.¬†

I also made a shiny duck out of the inside-out skin a heavy-duty birthday balloon. The inspiration for this duck came to me after creating a cat disco ball using the instructions found in Pet Crafts, a book my daughter checks out of the school library way too often (shout out to Pet Crafts).

Cat Disco Ball Yolo Safety Duck
Cat Disco Ball Yolo Safety Duck (left)

I thought this material would look good with internal lighting, and I’m starting to play with different options for light sources. In this picture, the duck is illuminated by a YOLO Glow stick from the Montgomery County Pedestrian Safety Campaign I received as a free handout at the Silver Spring Zombie Walk. Thanks, Montgomery County!


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